Board of Directors

Jennifer HeldPresident

Emily BallusTreasurer

Mary Aguirre – Secretary

Terry Cope

Angel Jimenez

Charles Keen, Jr. 

Robert Leonard

George Lorente

Radhika R. Rao

Jerry Ruiz

Holly Stanco

Toni Taboada

Joan Wilhoit

Lead Staff Members

Mick Davis- Shelter Director
Mick was recently promoted to Shelter Director. Mick was formerly Director of Programs (Overseeing HOPWA, Women’s Low-barrier, Veteran’s Shelter, & on grounds pet program). Mick has been at Stockton Shelter for over three years but has been working for non-profits and in behavioral health agency environments for over 15 years. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology. His passion for serving the homeless population has spanned throughout his career in leadership roles and working with transitional aged youth in the foster care system. When Mick is not working, he likes the spend time with family and friends, fish, and watch sports.

Kay Tiffany- Bookkeeper
Kay has been at the shelter for almost 6 years and has been a bookkeeper for 40 years. Previously she has worked for a local private non-profit, a farm, a radio station, a restaurant, and a church. At the shelter is the also the caregiver for all the cats and even adopts some of them as she has many cats she cares for at home.

Heidi Schatzman- Family Shelter Director
Heidi was a Social Worker for 25 years for foster children before coming to work at the shelter. She has been working in the Family Shelter here for almost two years now. In her job she especially enjoys working with the clients and she loves the staff she works with as well. She truly appreciates the teamwork that surrounds the Family Shelter as it makes for a fun and collaborative work environment. When she is not working, she is cheering on the Green Bay Packers.

Ralph Gage- Men’s Drop-in Supervisor and Intake Specialist
Ralph has been working of the field of helping the homeless for over 25 years and has been at Stockton Shelter for 13 years. Working to help the homeless is a passion of Ralph’s because he was homeless at one point in his life. Through working at the shelter, he feels like he can give back to the community and help those in need in during one of the hardest times of their lives, just like someone did for him. When Ralph is not working, he likes to spend his time fishing, going to church, and watching San Francisco’s sports teams.

Mark Kuns- Men’s Shelter Supervisor and Lead Shelter Aid
Mark has been working at Stockton Shelter for 18 years and has been a supervisor for 17 of those years. Mark himself once lived at the shelter. Therefore, can relate to many of the men he works with and know what their thinking and going through. That is why he loves his work so much, because he is able to help people like others have helped him. In his spare time, Mark loves to read and hang out with his two dogs and partner.

Marcus Hopkins- Case Manager
Marcus has been working at Stockton Shelter for 3 years now. Prior to working at the shelter as a Case Manager, he was a diesel mechanic, working on boats for over 17 years. He came to shelter because he wanted to start helping people. He loves every bit of what he does at the shelter, but his favorite part is helping clients find housing.